Painting With Pinot’s Palette

The A-State Student Activities Board held a Painting with Pinot’s Palette night for the students Monday night. Everyone in attendance was given a Red Wolf door hanger and supplies to paint it. A-State has begun holding events outside at the Heritage Plaza Lawn to allow for social distancing with larger crowds. For instance, these students were encouraged to wear their masks and to sit on the far ends of tables.

Tables of students at the Painting With Pinot’s Palette event hosted by the Student Activities Board at the Heritage Plaza Lawn. Those in attendance were given supplies to paint their very own Red Wolf door hanger.

Tory Lydy, a master’s environmental science student from Carbondale, Illinois, painting a hanger.

Students with their brushes, paints and water cups, painting a Red Wolf door hanger.

From left to right, Brooklyn Wood, a freshman radiology sciences major from Batesville, with Kirsten King, a freshman physical ther- apist assistant major from Batesville, and Rebekah Rodgers, a fresh- man business admin major from Marion, painting hangers.

A-State students painting outside with Pinot’s Palette.

Students seated at spread out tables to provide a socially distant environment for the event.

From left to right clockwise, Javier Strong, a sophomore business management major from Little Rock, with Aleecia Evans
a sophomore nursing major from Little Rock, and Skylar West, a sophomore nursing major from Little Rock, and Amara Kokroko a senior nursing education major from Marion, and Mallory Ransom, a sophomore communication disorders major from Jackson, Tennessee, and Joy Byrd, a junior biology major from Pine Bluff, giving a Wolves Up!

Painters watching the instructor and work- ing on their craft. Pinot’s Palette is located at 2617 E. Nettleton Ave in Jonesboro and offers weekly events and classes.

Students painting and sitting on spread out blankets on the Lawn.

The instructor from Pinot’s Palette leading the activity.

Photos by: Hannah Risker | Photo Editor

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