El Dia De Los Muertos Altar Presentation

Students part of the H.O.L.A. organization decorated El Dia De Los Muertos altars on the Heritage Plaza Lawn on Monday night in celebration of the holiday. For more information on the event, read the front page story printed in the Herald newspaper today!

From left to right, Dulce Vicente, a freshman nursing major from Bryant, with Angelly Sanchez Valentin, a freshman nursing major from Bryant, and their altar dedicated to Jesus Christ. “We got the glasses because of the miracle water to wine,” Vicente said, “and we have a lot of candles and some white and gold flowers becuase we thought that matched Jesus.”
A white cross sits on a Día De Los Muertos altar.
Gabriella Huerta lighting the candles to place on an altar.
The decorated altars on Heritage Plaza Lawn, Monday night.
From left to right, Katheryn Vivar, a junior business administration major from Bryant, with Gabriela Huerta, a junior biology pre-med major from Little Rock, and their altar dedicated to Selena. The altars are decorated to represent the person it is dedicated to. “We have some food and we got flowers,” Vivar said, “she loved red roses, and since she was a musician, we have little instruments.”
The decorations on the completed El Día De Los Muertos altars above. The holiday is celebrated in remembrance of those who have died. Individuals honor the dead by creating elaborate altars in their honor, typically consisting of their favorite foods, flowers, other special items, and photographs. 
From left to right, Erica Morales, a freshman business major from Truman, with Brianna Aledana-Olivia, a freshman criminology major from Bryant, and Sayra Rodriguez, a junior biology pre-med major from Jonesboro, with their altar. The altar is for Rodriguez’s grandfather, an alumnus of A-State. “I have the cake, to bear gifts, and red roses,w because those are the flowers he used to give to my grandma. It’s very special to me,” Rodriguez said.
Students dressing the altars with candles, photos and symbolic items.  

Photos by: Hannah Risker | Photo Editor

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