Spring at A-State

Flowering trees, buzzing bees and a spring breeze have finally flown to A-State. The campus, grey over the dreary winter months now has a lively vibrance with all the blossoming flowers.

Easter Egg Smash

A-State students threw water balloons at the members of the Kappa Sigma Fraternity as a part of the Easter weekend celebration on Thursday on the Heritage Plaza Lawn. All proceeds from this event were donated to the Military Heroes Campaign!… Read More ›

Students Enjoying Spring Break

This past week, students got time off from classes to enjoy Spring Break! Photos courtesy of: Aleia Elaiza Dela Cruz Deñoso, Anna Judith Branson, Madeleine Volner, Madison Clement, Trenton Barker, Michele Gerard, and Myful Al Sarah.

“Star Children”

The latest exhibition at the Bradbury Art Museum, “Star Children,” is now open for public viewing. Museum Curator Melissa Wilkinson stated, “This exhibition is intended to affix a celebratory gaze upon members of the LGBTQ+ community and experience. Each artist… Read More ›